Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cloth to the Human Spirit.

Arazel's fierce beauty by Craig Matthews (2014)

"Excellent fashion photography is similar to appreciated divinity and the way it intermingles with the playful and serious elements of life. Even though it is fashion, fashion is expression of the human spirit and how clothes dance around what traditionally is the temple of spirit and soul! Some refute the comparisons but their reactions to fashion, if one pays attention to the details of words, contradicts their assessments.

This photographer is that good, Ariadne. I wish you would credit him/her and the others."
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9/26/16

Ariadne Diaz deeply rooted happiness a photographer somehow captured!. (2015)

A Keene Sense of Style

Elizabeth Keene in NYC wearing a Macy's tunic, a trench by INC International Concepts via Macy's with shoes from Macy's. photo by Danny Fung (2016)

Tunic: Macy's, Trench: INC International Concepts via Macy's, Bracelets:  INC International Concepts via Macy'sHereHere & Here, Necklace: INC International Concepts via Macy's. Bag: INC International Concepts via Macy's, Shoes: Macy's
Photos by: Danny Fung

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