Sunday, March 12, 2017

Women's Role(s)

Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte Gainsbourg photographed by Juergen Teller

Cleo Wattenström is truly a rare find—a tattoo artist who is known for both the beautiful art
she creates and her striking looks.

Outside of the spectrum of white women dominating image and value standards are women set in their own ways forged from the strength and determined skill levels of individuality in service to the greater parts of being a woman. They take on different challenges purging themselves of righteousness in Jesus' name and taking on a sense of self that feels unlike the daughters of Eve. White women are trying to take on this episode of change in American life as the times dictate: we have to change or die.

There is a deep sense of dying in America as people accustomed to taking and comfortable with the fall and death of things, ideas, aspirations and people take on more serious roles of leadership in the sectors of daily life. Part of freeing the individual and the culture is the liberating of women freeing themselves from what and who enslaves them.

There is a day of women taking off from work and letting their towns and cities and their country feel what it would be like without women involved in daily life. It is a serious move, but this activism even has women in the public eye hesitantly questioning why such a demonstration is necessary. Some are concerned women will lose their jobs; others are mulling over the ramifications of the action in trepredation because of the sexual consequences. Others think they should change what a woman is declaring the way of the woman should change into vague catagories people imagine or envision, or through science adopting an altered version of a woman. All movement towards divinity is lost in the clamor and not affecting the most frightening of all men are those men who feel and believe all women should be servant to their base desires, and submissive to their needs and domination! These are the men who will beat and stomp women into submission and debasement and terror too inhuman to bear!

We all are moved by the prospect and afraid of life without women. It is like having a town full of men who have no outlet for sex that will produce life! It would be an imbalance brought home to bear heavy weight upon the notions of manhood that cannot support itself! Who would cook our meals, and how would girls be raised if women were gone? What examples would boys need to replace the reflection women mirror? How would it be possible for men to temper and balance themselves? Birth would be a memory. Life would kill itself for lack of women, mankind could survive a generation, maybe two, and the rest of the worlds would go on without us; the Earth, our Mother replenishing herself, healing where we wounded her, and time would not stand still in our absence! Those who made us would be left with a situation to face with questions we in our infantile state of being human could not grasp, or begin to have a dialogue about because of the absence of the sacred our living has cheapen itself into formulas based upon reason without an intelligent heart design forming the basis of our existence!

In this modern world we are trying very hard to visualize, and make political gains over the option of being. Yes, life without women would be a trauma, but the worst thing about an international day without women is we can wait a day out to return to normal.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Black English Actress Naomie Harris has appeared in TV & Film since 9 years old.

Study of shadow and light, the body's edge.
by Schattenspiel

dark African woman in thought . . .

"He felt warm and familiar. He felt solid and safe. I wanted to cling to his shirt,
bury my face into the warm curve of his neck,
and never let go.'"were Becca Fitzpatrick's words.

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