Saturday, March 25, 2017

Story of a Woman's Business

Ludella Hahn's collage of achievements (2015)

Ludella Hahn graduated magna cum laude from college in May 2010 with a degree in Classical Humanities and Creative Writing. Ludella’s only real goal in life has been making a career in the realm of artistic expression which she has been successfully achieving since April 2011. She has often incorporated her love for the word with her love for modeling by writing little bits of narrative to go with some of her photographic spreads in magazine features, including her new regular column in Atomic Bombshells Magazine.

Though modeling and burlesque are Ludella’s main careers, she is an actress as well. She acts most often for fetish production companies, including Damsels in Distress Visual Productions where she has been working since 2008, but occasionally dabbles in television and film.

recently released an instructional DVD called Pinup Secrets (available at Find her full resume and press clippings here. ~ anon

Ludella Hahn by Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art

model, Ludella Hahn as Spider Woman (2016)

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