Monday, August 1, 2016

The IDEA of Perfect!

Rachel Weisz 190 Helen Hunt 64 

Asian woman C.J. Miles 

Judge Lynn Toler bare legs kicked up on desk.

Rebecca Gayheart 76 Fran Drescher 55  Janet Jackson 115 Jeri Ryan 51 Judy Reyes 30 
Julia Louis-Dreyfus 43 Julia Ormond 45 Juliette Binoche 61 Zoe Saldana 26 

perfectly formed face of Carrie Anne Moss, actress The Matrix

There are certain ideas you have to be careful about, and the idea of perfection is one to be wary of because it is volatile. People get offended, feel left out of the equation. The estimation of perfection is subjected to the idea of and in the dreams of the perceiver. I use the word perception because to perceive is to hunt, or penetrate into a mystery. What is mysterious is the hunt. We can hunt all manner of things and what we use in our probe into the darkness where may live the hidden mammal in this realm of perception, for example, is the controversial tool. I may be vague or precise in my usage of the word perfection applied to someone else's beauty of face, spirit, body, or way of living. But, in the reality of becoming a better person, or good enough to go to heaven perfection as the goal excludes more than it includes the possibility of gaining access to the heavenly world.  It is easier to die than gain entry into heaven if perfection is the criteria. So, is it possible that perfection cannot come from us, but we can gain insight into its elements, or enjoy its reflections into our plane of existence? 

Perfection can be applied to so many things: movement, application, conception, beauty, symmetry of a face, action and so on. What is perfect?  What is perfect to you? What is perfect to another is a glimpse into a dream we had merged with the dream of another person. Perfection, perhaps is the coming together of more than one thing at an exact moment that agrees with the eye, the moment, the need of the moment to be still with what is precious to the need of the soul. Maybe that is what perception is: a need.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.19.14 

Hispanic actresses: 

Rosario Dawson on the beach 

Rosie Perez on a talk show

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