Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Story of Women from A Man

Woman in the Mirror by Stefan Beutler [FanPage]

Wild women delicately sweep across the canvas of our imaginations while delicate women boldly tear at the resistance to be gentle as a man needs the comfort of a woman mirroring who we are in a turbulent world. The relationship between what seems to be wild and unyielding and those movements weaving into the delicacies of exchanging soul energies feeds what weakens us in our bravado, and denial of our vulnerabilities. These two kinds of women in tandem determine so much about our masculinity and our manhood. You see, women's place in our lives runs the gamut of our emotional streams, and machismo defeats our purpose with its lies and necessity.

Those are flowery words for the crude men we all know, but their ascendancy requires education and an understanding of the deeper things in life too. Them being left behind is not cause enough for any of us to slow down for them to catch up. They are not children anymore. They are warped children who look like men. They should and must return to their childhoods to be a part of the process that heals themselves and later on in life others.

Women will forever falter in the idea of themselves and in the world maintain closeness to their fears as long as undeveloped men stack the stacks against the value of their lives. The 'blood religions' enforce those fears with their links to terrorism, and conservatism, but that fact may never change without the completion work of enough crude men who become whole.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.23.14

Wild women send men to places 

dancing behind !

dangerous woman 2

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