Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Black Women White Women's Need for the Other !

Black woman bikini clad in mirror !!!!

It's funny. Black women's bodies full of melanin don't subscribe to sun worship or sun bathing. They will pose indoors or parade on boardwalks with towels draped around them, or bikinis will just be coverings over their 'parts'. At the same time wrestling with identity crisis Black women often cannot find a way to embrace the core of Africanism, but those defining elements are the core of their being as they consciously and more often than not unconsciously emulate white women.
It isn't really funny. It is a sad fact of life when the freedom of one set of women's inner life was in the sacred places women of Vodoun worshiped for centuries unbeknownst to their white husbands, and the other group of women know little if anything about who they are and the depth of African spirituality which shaped the life of history making them mysterious in their ancient relationship to the spiritual lines of the Land of the Blacks! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5/31/15

Black woman black dress !!!!

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