Monday, October 3, 2016

Magick In Faith

An African practitioner of Wicca made a comment I had previously pondered in my life. He said with aplomb, "The practice of Magick is like being born. It is more often done, and more often effective when done alone." Other things came to me later, but initially I expressed to him: "The ancients observed that clarity sits across from power for one reason. The two co-exist. One is not alive without the other if power is in service to mankind and tended to by a soul immersed in love and its attendants. When power is dark and evil clarity is unnecessary until the carrier sees himself in a mirror and gripped with fear a glimpse of self and consequences imbues him with insight which may lead to the first version of clarity and power if the dark soul can unlearn all he knows about power!"

"It doesn't matter the color of skin. It's all about the witch within!" was from a poster created by Maidens Mothers and Crones: Positively Pagan.

The deepest message and most important to Christian women is not about witches or the clever line. It is in the name of the producers of the poster! It is the depth of Womanhood missed by most women and not lived by most women. Fear and the fear in collective histories is here. If you know those stories and understand the word pagan, know the three states of being woman. A lot is known in secret.

 "It doesn't matter the color of skin. It's all about the witch within!" created by Maidens Mothers and Crones: Positively Pagan joins together one truth as if they are separate. That is a purposeful illusion. The combination tells great stories, conjures up suppressed powers, remembers what was forced to be forgotten and for the bold emboldens the truths within a women's body released through initiations.

How men benefit from the knowing of women's wombs developed from stage to sacred stage is carried by women who don't even know it.

I refuse to say there is no power in the name of Jesus. That would not be true. Upon examination where did the powers of women and their wombs go in Jesus name?

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5/31/15


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