Saturday, October 8, 2016

SPEAKING to his son

French postcard

"Men, women, beer and fast cars at one time was all of existence, all that was important for many. But, age set in alongside goals and the car becomes an antique, beer is measured according to how one makes their money, and if you are fortunate your wife gives you a daughter and you try to keep her from fast cars.

If you have learned anything and unlearned anything you steer your son clear of fast women and modify his behavior around women by the way your transformation honors women's love, and life."

Gregory E. Woods,
Keeper of Stories
Jan. 7, 2015


Tiara Kristine Harris lying upon one of the Stone People.

"It is not age that makes a person an Elder. It is the substance of things acquired, shared with power in a sacred way during a lifetime of learning and unlearning." ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (Sept. 25, 2014)


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