Monday, October 31, 2016

Native Voices: speak

Writer, Joy Harjo today said,

"\I really appreciate these words from the writer, poet Marcie Rendon. She gives voice to what so many of us are feeling. Writing towards understanding, making songs, and helping any way possible from here because I can't be there, are what is keeping me from the edge of despair.

Marcie Rendon : "to all non-native folks on here: the oppression is real; historical/generational trauma is real. the events in standing rock are triggering most native people's historical trauma - ...we 'feel' it to the marrow of our bones and flowing through our veins; those of us listening to and watching the news are experiencing secondary trauma - we open Facebook and expect the news to be of a massacre; our bodies are reliving history. it is nothing compared to the folks who are there but it does leave those of us not there with that feeling like watching a family member get beat up and not being able to stop it... when we hear that someone is missing we automatically believe the worst and prepare for the worst - so we get to figure out how to handle/heal from the trauma... and pray and be of assistance to those who are on the front lines in whatever way we can.... so, friends you need to understand where we are at each day - each moment of each day..."

Horse & rider, Destiny H. Buck

This cross worn by this Cheyenne is symbol of brokenness, broken promises
and the dichotomy of misdirected ministries creating insanity and alcoholism...

There were inherent promises implied and made by missionaries that eventually became the bane of existence for the People. The hope of Jesus, the Cross, Resurrection; all of those things were employed as tools to take land, rights and culture and identity away from the People.

So, the questions to ask seeing this man displaying a large cross begin in his quest to live with the white people who were the Fat Takers. Little has changed. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 10.31.16

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