Tuesday, October 4, 2016

LOVE: a warrior's teacher

A love warrior. Is there a correlation between love and war? Are the two compatible? Does one need the other for survival, or justification? Gives me something to ponder because for me during the battles I lived through as a police officer years ago I found ways to extend love and love and see the sacred within lives in the midst of violence and blood. Being loving in a violent swirl of dangerous men has none of the sentimentality of a romance novel. It has to do with a warrior's aptitude for depth and commitment. Love is part of an innate ability to restore one from the rigors of being violent protecting others lives. For the warrior detached from sentimentality something is developed that connects some warriors to a depth unimaginable for ordinary people and for men it is a love we have to measure against our mother's love where the patterns for understanding and being loved originate from in this lifetime.

Love warriors. What does it mean to you? - Gregory E. Woods 5.29.15

Krista Allen's finger up !

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