Saturday, October 8, 2016


Harnessing the Mysteries of the Universe Drum Creation Story/ Irish Sullivan  

Altar Ceremony:

On the lacing alter with the whirling water vortex painted drum frame are three world Peace candles whose flames began their journey around the world starting in Jerusalem. Nuns locally made the candles here in the Ottawa area. In the centre of the frame I placed an ancient 2 ½ billion year old volcanic rock in the shape of a serpents head, bringing the wisdom of the earth’s kundalini from the centre of the earth. On the rock I poured a small amount of sacred ancient water, which bubbles from earth's depths at a sacred site deep beneath Lake Michigan called Kitchiti Kipi Springs.

On the right side of the frame I placed a clear quartz crystal wand to transmit and receive messages from the Universe. On the left I placed a Kookaburra feather a gift from Australia, which brings laughter, joy and sparkle to life. And a reminder when it is time it is time and when it is not, it is not. The backdrop is the Northern Lights Sacred Valley drum that I used to sing this drum into creation with the voice from the Ancestors. The abalone shell holding Sister Sage sends all my smoke prayers and blessings for this drum to the Creator.

Creation Story:

The eye of the Creator, large and powerful with its presence is featured. It is this very eye that has come to me various times with messages and blessings, these messages and blessings I wish to share with this new student of the drum. I choose to use purple tones connecting to the crown charka and to the Divine.

In the centre of the eye is the vortex tunnel to the shining light, leading us within to our very presence, to our selves. The mountains are a reminder to stay grounded to this earth plane as we fly to far away places in the cosmos of our minds and to always return home to our selves. The mountains represent many things in their symbolism, the earth’s spine, its kundalini, they can be praying hands, and cupped hands to mention just a few.

Spilling from the eye are two rivers of flowing waters balancing and connecting us to our original source and composition. Water a major part of our body and connects us to the water-laden air around us, to the moisture of the earth and earth's waters. It connects us to the plants, trees and all the creatures of the land. The winged ones, the horned ones, the hoofed ones, the ones that swim in the oceans, and to the crawling ones. It connects us to the entire Universe for the cosmic dust particles are also laden with water. Therefore water connects us to all that is. We are all one.

They can also be seen as flowing tears as we release and cleanse from our soul that which no longer serves us. Allowing us to heal all that needs healing and to expand to areas where we need to expand.
May the student of this drum and all who hear its voice feel the power and the love of the Creator and the Ancestors who guided its creation.

Blessings and Love,
Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
Master Drum Artisan

Drum created by Gayle Ann Crosmaz-Brown named, "Harnessing the Mysteries of the Universe Drum."

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