Monday, October 10, 2016

Sacred Woman-to-be.

"When the river runs strong through you, you find your way back home no matter what. You may get wayward but never lost." - Jackie Moon, Klamath artist and activist.
Sophie Bleu, a character created by Jackie Fawn., as she words it,
"one of my original characters I created way long ago."

Jackie Fawn, Klamath on her lands seeing the future. (2016)

My salmon bones back in the waters I grew up on. It's good to look upon the place that creator has created for us Klamath people and remember what it is we fight for. Behind me was the next generation playing and laughing like how all kids should. They are the ones who keep me truly humble in this journey. At this moment my heart was warm and full. For now this fisherman's daughter must continue to flow with the adventurous ocean that is life. Like all salmon, I will return.

Jackie Fawn, Klamath
August 23, 2016 

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