Friday, October 14, 2016

Sex Appeal !

Tila Tequila, real name Tila Nguyen, bent over and questions flew all over the place about her sexuality and who would have sex with her? Was she a lesbian, bisexual, did she give head, who would marry her on the two years of her reality show? She didn't find true love on her show. She was vague about the definition of love and her comprehension of profound spiritual science was shallow because she made herself into a product; branding they call it. Branding.

She was desirable, but the extent of her maturity matched the limits of her imagination and her vision of self matched her perception of her Self, which she understood enough to make good money as a reality star for a few years. One day it was over and the spotlight fell away from her and she was no longer talked about on television. That is sad from one perspective. From another perspective there is no sadness. There is only the flow of life. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10/13/15

video of Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress Ghost Whisperer

Sex appeal runs the gamut of preferences. Some women fall far behind the social standards and to many observers have no appeal because they are grossly fat, poor and uneducated, but their sexual prowess is legendary to a man, or men aroused by what others don't see in a pale fat woman of medium age. There are old women past the prime years of men lusting after them. Dismissed from being seen as sex objects many old women languish in their own lust, loneliness and an ever burning desire for a man's penetration into her body. There are women bound to wheelchairs. They are wet with desire. Because of their appearance it escapes the radar of eligible men that there sits a horny woman confined to a wheelchair and then there is the fear of predators aroused by bondage who devise ways to sexually take advantage of chair bound women.

It is a dangerous world until someone comes along protecting the weak and vulnerable. A man cannot save everyone, but men can protect women from the lust and strength of unscrupulous men. The question to men is how is it possible? This is where Elders talk.

I am writing into the problem of lack in most lives. The problem of not having a system of Elders in our culture, our neighborhoods, our thought patterns is complicated by the arrogance of what many see as accomplishment, justify as progress, and define as independence. Science has created guided missiles. Financial wizards created intangible money systems. All of this innovation has not laid discipline into life patterns, deep commitment to discovery has been voided from the education system, and impeccability as a force within sexuality is an unknown dimension; and worse of all no system of Eldership has ushered the Sacred into the composition of wholeness as a natural state of being into the corrupt system of thought and action into American lifestyles!

We are content in a sad state.

Gregory E. Woods
Keeper of Stories
Sept. 25, 2015

Grandmother in boots!


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