Tuesday, October 18, 2016

About Women and Men.

Black American bride and groom.

The Woman who understands her sexual energy and embraces it experiences the Pleasure that is innate and natural within her.......She doesn't need sex with a man to be "pleased"... it is her pleasure literally

The Man who understands his sexual energy and embraces it experiences sexual satisfaction that is innate and natural within himself..... He doesn't need to have sex to... be "satisfied" by a Woman
In these states when a Man and Woman come together sexually they experience beyond the short lived physical "feel goodness" of sex and the fullness of who they are through sex
This is Pleasurable Satisfaction that innately people seek....and it is not short lived and sex doesn't become neurotic ... it is not something that can be attained through sex.... but can be experienced from sex...as an erotic experience ....

I assist women and men in understanding this within themselves. - Tiara Kristine April 16, 2015 

Billionaire Peter Norton, the creator of Norton Antivirus, and wife Gwen Adams.
He said, 'Black women are for grown men.'

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