Saturday, December 24, 2016

a Sacred Woman is Still

sacred poise 

Well, there is a spiritual law at work. When any of us project into the universe our intentions those words are a declaration and a challenge. The universe will test every utterance and challenge the integrity and strength of one's intent. It is the way the invisible comes into matter. That is the core of the Adamic story between Eve and Adam in that order. We are mysterious forces in nature and the universe. Small we may be, but our word and our spirit can reach beyond the scope of our presence into the timeless quality of will, intent and integrity into the Beyond, the Unknowable Unknown!

Detractors are not so much haters as they are spoilers and deeply despondent. They haven't formed their alliances with the higher powers within or outside of their being. For them it is comfortable to be fearful in their mind's eye. It is their illusion, and it is their painful illusions that teaches our will and assertions. Our job and immediate concern is to make right choices!

Now, the Biblical scripture that reads, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper." is a shield. It is a powerful shield defending one's soul and esteem from attacks. Not said, but implied is the completion of a warrior's effectiveness relying on offensive strategies. At this juncture of the teachings it is important to point out one of the innate problems of a Christian's focus and obsession with a Messiah. This obsession has the tendency to weaken one's powers by defending a faith and a belief mechanism. A warrior need need not primarily defend his God, or his essence because the warrior is the essence of the 'how' and the 'whys' of that discipline. A warrior's skills and purposes are misplaced defending his faith. He/she lives their life and the life force it creates generates its own offense and defense when necessary. Not understanding the depth of the warrior's main discipline has killed and injured millions in numerous wars for God over the centuries. The question to that state of being guides the student of religion and Self into the low echelon of soul sickness.

Let history speak to that story.! ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 7.12.14

Glance into a Woman's Life 

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