Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Looks At Women Afresh.

Sonia Montejano is the bailiff on the series HOT BENCH.

Soft compelling beauty leisurely assuring admirers is soothing in demonstrative ways similar to the way a breeze touches leaves and makes subtle music. That is how it has long affected me. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 12/19/16

Asian women and Black American women are not common bedfellows. Friendship between the two is unlikely. Those walls set up by Asians have not been torn down by the defenses Blacks erect around their sense of place and purpose. These two women must be working together as models most likely.

How's that for cultural assumptions?

You gotta know your neighbors. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 12/19/16

Artist rendition of young Black womanhood. artist unknown.

The caption was the question: "Would you come to her rescue & help her up?"

Dumb. Dumb and obvious. First off. God ain't never made no Black woman sit on gravel! He couldn't. They'd fight God fo' they sat themselves on the ground skin touching gravel! I know I ain't nevah seen such! How much they pay her, or what dey promise her?" - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 12/19/16

La femme noir de Cote d' Ivoire (Ivory Coast) est si belle. 

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