Monday, December 12, 2016

Two of the Many Things to Know.

Venus Williams started playing tennis very early as her father
Richard introduced her and her sister to this beautiful sport.

Human zoo. A zoological garden of assimilation the caption says.

Jamaican life before the 1900's - the marketplace 2

A Father. A proud moment preserved! What a rare glimpse into Negroes in this era so grim in retrospect from where we are as a people we forget there were many joyous things to live with, and have to hold as gifts from Life. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12/12/16

A powerful form, and visual, a vixen, a tour de force...

"There are things you can believe and things you can believe in. Trust in the view, and trust in the 'crush' are lens to look at the scope a woman's view upon you as a man eyeing her with lust, or longing or love or loss feels like. This interpersonal relationship with vibes feeling its way through the loins is a dynamic not to be ignored or thought of as anything else..."

This way of the warrior seeing this force of Nature through his manhood is the texture of female energy a boy will not know without tutelage...

These are my words.
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12/12/16 

"Enormous presence, enormous gift within the right woman testifies to the truth of what matters: she will work for or against the grain and texture of a man's intent." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 12.12.16

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