Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What is a woman to do against men?

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Fitness models today make statements and set examples previously unheard of in Western history. In Western mythology we can find stories of women of extraordinary strength and daring. The Celtic warrior clans had plenty of women warriors to unleash upon their enemies like the Romans and the Christians. There were Black African women warriors. The Dahomey nation were not alone in the continent of Africa to unleash trained women soldiers upon an enemy. Native American women warriors in some of the tribes amongst the Plains nations made vows of revenge to take enemy lives, and vows of celibacy to mark the vow with permanence and strong powers.

Women's chief battles and accomplishments were raising families and strengthening their men, and their nations. Today, those values in the women's shields of power are ridiculed often in American circles as more and more women work outside their homes away from their children, if they have any, and outside of the Western tradition of marriages headed by men. Also, great political strides have been made by women and socially in the West it is safe for women to embrace their advancements and the freedoms, but other countries are not so fortunate.

It was once dangerous for European and American white women to advance the cause of women's suffrage. Women were killed, raped, beaten, imprisoned, thrown into crazy houses or cast into the streets by their husbands. Other things could be done to them while they campaigned for rights, equal pay, the right to their own money; in short they were seeking freedom from the societal mores set up by white men's interpretation of the Bible!

Women in countries too conservative, and steeped in their traditions to see the depth of what women were born with exercise terror upon women to protect the authority and might of men. Acid to the face, killed by beheadings sanctioned by clerics, gang rapes are examples of how cruel men became to maintain power over women, land and holy scriptures.

It is the relationship and the understanding of blood to question if a woman, or anybody wanted to understand what was going on in the battle of the sexes. It is not the trivia nonsense of American culture to play cute referring to men being from Mars and women from Venus. It is far deeper than that this hatred millions of men have for women. Those contradictions are carried in behavior, thought and gesture. Remaining unanswered and unattended the bed sores of men's belief about women's place rise up from the cumulative potions and equations we insist are from God's Word!

The essential question in this transformative and transitory period in human history stands naked before us all.

"As women across the globe from what we, as men believe about women, what is a woman to do?" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12.13.15

women who paved the way for women of today in the 1960's.

The Dahomey Amazons were an all-female army that fought for the Kingdom of Dahomey (now Republic of Benin) for almost 200 years.

Eleanor Roosevelt's words.


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