Sunday, December 11, 2016

African stories contradict themselves ...

Maat Petrova by kfos in this moment said, 'The moment you surrender to the space, is where you'll find peace from it.'

A white woman, like Katy Cee, in chains arouses no more than erotica.
Chains worn by Black women are met with studied scrutiny with the intention of freeing her.
White women's bondage is self -inflicted. - Gregory E. Woods

Tiara Kristine Harris

"Looking at Tiara Kristine Harris in a stance of a woman's ascent into Goddess energies speaks to the elements of divinity often not addressed honestly. It is often the lies we live by that make the mental acknowledgement of the Goddess unworthy of exploration by query. Fear embedded in the European tradition of terror upon white women lent itself into the paradigms of African women through the Church, slavery and wars against the soul, and the nations of Africa over the centuries. The African women bold enough to plunge into the mysteries of Yoni, their essence the who of who they are alive create ripples through unawareness men-predators will always confuse with sexual allure will never understand their daughters, never know what danger their belief has placed them, or know how to pray, or recognize wholeness in the circles of Holiness.

It is a deep thing being a Sacred woman. It is even deeper being married to one." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.6.16

Tiara Kristine Harris, stance of a woman's ascent into Goddess energies.


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