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Conflicting emotions accompanied by images flashing greetings or waving warning signs arise in those isolated in this season of holiday cheer. It can be a daunting task walking through Christmas with no sense of a family surrounding you with love, and care. The smell of food cooked and prepared by mother, or aunts, a wife or girlfriend creates its own memories for a man, but a lonely man? I can attest to its wrenching, and tearing in the region of the soul factor's of rejection, pity, regret, grief and sorrow. It is a tremendous weight to carry in a ball at the center of one's being. It isn't easy, but at some point, some day, women come in to play a role of release. It is incalculable the strength of, and the power of the right woman in a man's life when he is whole. When he isn't she is someone to focus upon before you meet her, and before she will come to your call as a woman you must be prepared as a man; not a broken man, but a man.

One of the earliest steps to take out of the muck and mire is made reformulating the substances of what you digest into your system of thoughts and emotions. They become belief. First step: turn around and give and gift other people. Beyond that those are your steps illuminated by the beginning of learning to be a recipient and supporter of life beyond you. But, there is a self-condemnation in all this. There is the very good chance a rescued soul will return to the broken patterns in the relationships they came from.

It is hard to be clear. People fear power, yet crave power in their lives. When their age grows closer to their graves there is panic and power is released closing the eye which was once clear. That partial Medicine Wheel teaching is a thing to consider because if you pull someone from drowning you have to direct them away from the shore if the tide is coming in. What does the Healer show to the broken? Themselves.

Reciprocal relationships exist, but they are secrets to the majority addicted to relationships based upon conflict. So many are bound by combative and competitive relationships it is hard to see themselves changed by Medicine teachings.   - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.18.14

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Sasha Grey
December 22, 2013 
bathing white woman 2

Black Jesus in the National Church in Mexico City 

Black woman slave nursing a white baby 

Black woman squatting 

blue dress worn by Brandi Cannell by Adam King Photography in August of 2013

tattooed exquisite beauty she has

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