Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tale spin.

Jessa Hinton
Jessica Hinton, Playmate, in Vancouver, Canada October 1, 2015.

The way we, meaning men, react to women in general is not predictable all the time. Women think so. Men are not the most articulate of their feelings. Some of us are better at it than others. One thing we all do or have done is melt before beautiful women. Finding ourselves at a loss of words unsettles the most comfortable masculinity for a period not long enough to allow the woman to forget the moment of our unrest. What we are in addition to these things is funny. In person or online the stuttering, dumb sentences rolling out, weak courtship lines, appeals to sentimentality and brushes with poetry, or pithy sayings will manifest singularly, or in various combinations from this list.

There is a photograph of Jessa Hinton, known for her photographic sessions with Playboy, who posted an arresting photo of herself atop a table with her back to the mirror. She is wearing heels, and her pretty legs are distracting the eye initially from the sight of what is short, nice and covering her torso in black cloth.

One man, Joseph Poznanski,  taken aback wrote: "It is hard not to focus on the mirror but I wonder about your beauty within. I hope your treasure reflects in that mirror so tastefully will not stop someone to discover your inner complexity and beauty that is yet to be discovered. Human landscapes are varied in what they present but the beauty and spiritual power of your soul is what I would love to explore within you ... If only I would be young. I would cross mountains and deepest rivers in order to get to you and start my spiritual journey of love and creation. But I am old and bonded to my wife and my offspring. Ah life is a beautiful thing."

Apparently, by his acronym (LOL) Ken Zachara found the old man funny responding, "lol your a funny dude. if she wanted you to discover her inner complexity she [would] post texts instead of cleavage pics."

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Nov. 10, 2016

mirror mirror on the wall who is the finest one this tall?  
Jessa Hinton, Playmate. (Sept. 2015)

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