Monday, December 26, 2016

Logic and Desire: a science.

Naturally Gorgeous Vixens

Spread open legs aren't always an invitation. It doesn't have to be about sex, or you.
Ever occur to you something else is at work? - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 12.14.16

There is either a simple question asked here, or a complexity is at work. Outside of the practical aspect of a predator forces dwell whose powers are heavy in the presence of a woman whose womb is open to receive and give from the light of the sun, and subtleness of the Moon. A man not ready for this can be devoured with ease by the will of, and the sharp intent of the womb.

There are prayers in the suggestion of sex with a woman... 

There are prayers in the suggestion of sex with a woman unanswered if a man cannot hear prayers, or feel the life forces prayers generate. If a father has not taught the attribute to a son; or a man, who is a man in the deep sense of the word, has not taught it to the spirit of a boy becoming a man; it is a hard thing to discern, first of all, and almost impossible to pick up on in the heat of the opportunity for sex. Eventually, men like this break down in ways they can't appreciate until they see their daughters surrounded by boys and men like them, or their own mothers succumb to the retribution of his acts towards the women of his life in ways beyond the simpleton approach he has approached women as an adult.

A man should know a woman asking a man to enter her body is a riddle.

Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories
Dec. 14, 2016

Dominican model Arlenis Sosa Pena moved to the fashion capital of the United States, New York City, after completing her studies.

Older Black woman's profile.

The simple styles worn by women of simple taste and beauty linger long in the substance mature men favor over the quickness of glamour. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 11.8.16 

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