Saturday, December 10, 2016

Meditation on Freedom.

My friend, Dr. Sinclair Grey III wrote an affirmation piece today titled: "You Have Unlimited Potential". He address a core dilemma with this insight:

"Sadly and shamefully, too many people put limits on themselves. That's right; they talk themselves out of doing great things because they're so busy listening to the wrong people. If it's not listening to the wrong people, they're creating scenarios and/or circumstances within their head that will hinder progress. I'm here to let you know 'all things are possible,' and the greatest weapon formed against success is not the enemy, it's the person in the mirror. With that said, I urge you to remove doubt and fear from your life. Don't let YOU stand in the way of YOU blowing up from the flow up."

It is straight to the point, which is his style, but what it does evokes typical responses amongst church folk, who apparently can respond to insights and teachings only with clichés, trite comments, scriptural references, and the Amen. In the physical realm and cyberspace (where he published this little probe into reader's cores) Sinclair gets frustrated by these kinds of responses that should reflect struggle and commitment to excellence that Jesus' life reflected. The substance not within the average Christian is not unique a cry of this minister and friend of mine. It is a common angst amongst many men and women of the cloth."  

dark portrait of a woman's body art by Paparatzi Keith

"Preparing to do just that," one man responded to Sinclair's outreach. "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who is my strength!" You see the weakness inherent within the man who wrote this?

Out of softened heart, and reaching out one man to another I wrote to him: "Preparing to not put limits on one's self is a long way of putting it off, procrastinating. It is fear, deep fear. The quick question with an easy answer is "what am I afraid of?" If you don't immediately know you are comfortable in that fear. Freeing one's self is a warrior's call. A warrior moves within his fear. Because he cannot stand bondage every action drives him at any cost to break free. This is how we are all made. Denial is just fear. All creatures fight for their freedom from sperm to roaches, to prisoners of war!

If you want to do it in Jesus' name, fine. But, anything you say out of your mouth is your power or your chain." 

Jesus, Harriet Tubman, Ty Gray-El, Moses, Marcus Garvey, and many others too numerous to name fundamentally ache for their people to accept the freedoms fought for by them. Waiting for the weakness to subside before one fights for one's freedom is indicative of too much time in self-pity, and inside the fears of the unknown residing within the unknown terrain of the soul. What is behind those illusions is what the heart aches for, and knows belongs in your possession. 

Such mystery to unfold.  - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Dec. 9, 2016

man on a boat at sunrise watching the trails of chemicals falling upon his head and the body of water.

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