Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mirrors: a study of one's soul 4

delicate beauty of a spirit, of a woman !!!!

Greta Tatum, had an adverse reaction seeing this young woman posed on a bed wearing a t-shirt tied in the front. The short sleeves were cut off to partially reveal an ample breast. A short black skirt said hello to pretty legs postured with the good manners to conceal and suggest more than reveal what hid in modesty. Ms. Tatum said, "You have no modesty. Photos like this should not be posted on Facebook. I am not happy with seeing such discus ting sights on my page. We do not need to see this."
By her picture Ms. Tatum appears to be of African descent. She has retired. She was a government worker now living in the Cayman Islands, so she is much older than the woman seated on a bed. Other than that I know nothing about her so delicately I treaded responding to her comments.

So, for me it was a month of on again, off again thoughts about what Ms. Tatum saw in this picture. Was she in herself critical, or seeing some of the trace back to her experiences? Whatever it was I can't be an authority on. What I can do is look at what I saw a month ago the first time I saw this photograph and a month later. What I saw and sensed was the same in both time periods.

"There is a delicate beauty the young woman has within." I wrote. "It is in the eyes, her countenance. It may be pretense, but innocence and being delicate are often hidden. Less pretense as an acting skill grants a real quality to any form of art. In a woman it is worth study and prayer if one understands the needs of each stage of growth a woman needs support in."

I thought about this immediately when first I saw this picture. Perhaps, I am growing, or have grown to a place where growth can be where lust dwells. It is part of the maturing process men let themselves go through. I said, 'let themselves go through' on purpose because maturity is not a right. It is a process one wants to be a part of, and men who do experience changes that may or may not be appreciated by women if women only see men in awe of a woman they often miss out in being a prayerful participant of a man's growth process. But, on the other hand criticism of us as we grow is beneficial. It is like sunlight. It is harsh, but the soil needs the sun beating down. The Earth, our Mother needs men as well as women to nurture and furnish insight and wisdom to succeeding generations." 
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4.14.15  

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