Monday, February 6, 2017

Between a Lady and a Man: POWER!

Ank, African Woman, the Womb teaches...

"Reaching out to touch invigorates the soul of a man..."

Reaching out to touch invigorates the soul of a man in ways one would assume women would understand as touch, love or acceptance. These three are important to a man's esteem. They build within a man. They purge. They sustain. They build support in the structures that hold his life together. These things occur deftly by the touch of a woman aligned with the cord established between the two of them through the touch from the soul region during sexual intercourse or the words created between the two make the woman's circle of life link with the mans to establish concentric circles and connecting lines. It is beautiful math, beautiful bonding and a beauty to the relationship that conceivably can outlast conflict and find discovery in the later years!

There is more, but this is enough in this medium. You cannot feed meat to milk drinkers.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

"An Ideal beyond touch, a motion beholden to grace, a body temple. These three in one divine form."
Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories
Feb. 4. 2017

Ankh. Jamaican woman suggesting a piece of ass for some cash or what? Is this respectful?
There has to be care for the symbols worn.  

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