Tuesday, February 21, 2017

america great again was when?

Men meet a boy.

Trump measures American's inconsistencies. He mirrors our horrid past, and inability to reconcile, and emphasizes the wealth of this nation as if slavery and treachery did not work that into reality! Donald Affront tells the story of white Americans back to them without apology because he knows his people, and knows how both sides of the political arena will support him even as they rally against him.

It is a long way to say how whites stay together. Most of our parents (Indian and African) taught us things about white people while we were growing up. My own parents gave us sage advise from generations of studying those who kill so easily and take with ease from others. Survival is a great teacher, and a great gift to give to your grandchildren is knowledge of who oppresses you and your people. Donald is a Trickster. Donald Trump reflects the truth of a people in denial! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2/17/17

Bound and chained by Roland Dawson.

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