Tuesday, February 28, 2017

False Identity Mistakes.

Statue of Bronze Native Woman.
"I apologize for not knowing the name of the artist. Don't know how to find it. If anyone does I am more than interested in correcting this slight. It is one of the things about the Internet I don't like: respect for intellectual property."

Knowing God in the Feminine

If God has both femininity and masculinity, what about the times when God, in the feminine, wants to express Her Subjectivity? I've been wanting for a long, long time to discuss this. Now, I expect women will be very excited and more then keen to look at authority, their authority. I also expect that when they pray and liaise with God, in either gender format, they'll have differing, or potentially different questions, questions of God. I am more... comfortable to answer them if I know they know I have Femininity, and they won't be ratted out, crucified or scorned, but would flow in endless and even blissfully positive directions.

It is important for women to look at why God deferred certain action, why that action is favorable, feminine and productive, why patience is necessary, not just a virtue. So, all in all, the hope is to give, give love; and, for this I deferred giving things I have within Myself. Our legacy yearned for freedom but no freedom is secure without the freedom of God in both genders. For example, or case in point: Why didn't the Bible outline Jesus as referring to his discussions with his, or His, Divine Mother? Did he have the discussions and yet, the Bible leaves them out? Or, did he not have them?

As a percentage of understanding, very few human beings understand or have come to know God in the Feminine. It is very, very sad. Even so, the Deferral of God, in the Feminine, and also in the Masculine, as a Father who also with a Mother want the best for Her/His Children. The Good News is we can talk about the process, what has been deferred, meaning specific topics and unlock the past, free people and engage, knowing that God will continually educate, like all parents, to love their children through time, experience, and placement.

Adruma Victoria

You are asking people to unlock the past, Adruma. That is beyond an intellectual capacity. In a Euro-American setting like this one with most if not all subscribing to a measured concept of reality as we are taught this is quiet the stretch if one believes the intellect and the heart, or spiritual matters are separate. If so, it makes it hard to plunge into the quest you've laid out, and makes cowardice easy to disguise... - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Feb. 27, 2017

A facsimile of a woman, or the idea of a woman has not risen to the heights maturity naturally guides feminine energies? Women tell the stories of our times. What is she telling us about her versus us?
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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