Sunday, February 12, 2017

Behind Every Woman is a Symbol.

African beauty with a touch, a flair of the Orient.

"Morse Peckham. I need to thank him for translating what is difficult to translate: essence."

Art is rehearsal for those real situations in which it is vital for our survival to endure cognitive tension, to refuse the comforts of validation by affective congruence when such validation is inappropriate because too vital interests are at stake….Art is the exposure to the tensions and problems of a false world so that man may endure exposing himself to the tensions and problems of the real world. - Morse Peckham

"It took me awhile to relax my mind to digest, but I got this. This is the reason so much unnecessary clutter has become part of so many young people. Art was removed from their learning processes!"

"Since artistic style shows a higher rate of change than any other mode of human behavior, decision-making is most easily observable in art; and further, since art is irresponsible, since neither artistic production nor artistic perception demands manipulation of the environment to one's own benefit, or requires adaptation to the nonartistic environment, it is the perfect instrument for the exploration of the character and strategies of decision-making. Hence it is also the perfect medium for experimentation in decision-making, since, as the Stylists themselves were the first to realize, the specific intellectual and moral content of art ... is a matter of indifference, at least if one is alienated and seeking strategies for self-transformation and self-transcendence. Hence, also, it is an area of behavior in which it is least dangerous to apply the maximum pressure upon oneself. Even philosophy does not offer the opportunities for irresponsibility that art does."

["Aestheticism to Modernism: Fulfillment or Revolution?" (1967), in The Triumph of Romanticism

African art titled Eyes of Hope, a pastel 35x50 by Millicent Osumuo from Nigeria

artist unknown.

Right size woman of Asian persuasion is the epitome of a type of perfection,
but the sacred form of 8 halts the sensuality.
How it does is a man's quest to understand.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories
January 4, 2014

African woman. figure of 8.

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