Sunday, February 26, 2017

Virtue of Insight.

Dat Ass Tho
"I'm 39. Sometimes I feel not old enough to be considered old or young enough to be considered young.
Like I'm in limbo until further notice. Does anyone else have that problem?"

"I remember. The difference to make is based on how you envision your middle years and your deep perception about old age. Will you become an Old Wise Woman?" - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 2/23/17

Dat Ass Tho

"Church dress is always controversial on a Black American woman's body. It is the body, not the fashion, that is the subject of sin, the object of desire. The lesson is for men to become impeccable in their spirit."
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 10.24.16

Right size Black women like this are the substance of dreams. How and if that dream unfolds is dependent upon the substance of her integrity, the powers of her will, and the powers she has unfolded. But, when men like Dilei Trocato say in Portuguese, Cavalona quero come vc grandona bem gostoso tesuda! he means as I understand language, "Big Horse I want eat you great big hot mama!" Do they distract from the deep implications of my insight? If it doesn't are you not looking into her eyes? - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 2.23.17

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