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Sadness, Illusion and the right to be...

"Black people don't have an accurate idea of their history, which has been either suppressed or distorted." ~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"Trump did not lie about two things: who he is, and what he wanted to do when in power! The deception was in those who believed he was better than Obama and believed the old adage, 'white is right!' The others fooled were the uninformed afraid of the dynamics of no longer being a majority in the country no more to feel better than the rest, and bewildered by the waning energetic powers of white domination! The remaining supporters have long believed their 'shit' don't stink and have nothing to apologize about!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
KKK police force: a national institution.  

"In a heavily redacted version of an October 2006 FBI internal intelligence assessment, the agency raised the alarm over white supremacist groups’ “historical” interest in “infiltrating law enforcement communities or recruiting law enforcement personnel.”

... That report appeared after a series of scandals involving local police and sheriff’s departments. In Los Angeles, for example, a U.S. District Court judge found in 1991 that members of a local sheriff’s department had formed a neo-Nazi gang and habitually terrorized black and Latino residents. In Chicago, Jon Burge, a police detective and rumored KKK member, was fired, and eventually prosecuted in 2008, over charges relating to the torture of at least 120 black men during his decades long career. Burge notoriously referred to an electric shock device he used during interrogations as the “nigger box.” In Cleveland, officials found that a number of police officers had scrawled “racist or Nazi graffiti” throughout their department’s locker rooms. In Texas, two police officers were fired when it was discovered they were Klansmen. One of them said he had tried to boost the organization’s membership by giving an application to a fellow officer he thought shared his “white, Christian, heterosexual values.”

Dance of our Life !

... in a 2015 speech, FBI Director James Comey made an unprecedented acknowledgment of the role historically played by law enforcement in communities of color: “All of us in law enforcement must be honest enough to acknowledge that much of our history is not pretty.”

[[ Federal law enforcement agencies in general — the FBI, the Marshals, the ATF — are aware that extremists have infiltrated state and local law enforcement agencies and that there are people in law enforcement agencies that may be sympathetic to these groups,” said Daryl Johnson, who was the lead researcher on the DHS report. Johnson, who now runs DT Analytics, a consulting firm that analyzes domestic extremism, says the problem has since gotten “a lot more troublesome.” ]]

via Fhenoix D Ali 

Coretta Scott King, author, activist and widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

Coretta Scott King, author, activist and widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., wrote a scathing testimony against Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions when he was being considered for a federal judgeship in 1986. In the letter, Mrs. King wrote that Sessions “lacks the temperament, fairness and judgement to be a federal judge” and said that his appointment “would irreparably damage the work of my husband.”

So thirty years later, why would Donald Trump make Sessions, who has reportedly made racial slurs, joked about supporting the Ku Klux Klan and had a long history of opposing voting rights, his U.S. Attorney General nominee?

In fact, it was the Republican senator’s record on voting rights that inspired Mrs. King to oppose him. She referenced his 1985 attempt to prosecute three civil rights activists for voter fraud – accusations that were later proven to be unfounded.

“I urge you to consider carefully Mr. Sessions’ conduct in these matters,” she wrote. “Such a review, I believe, raises serious questions about his commitment to the protections of the voting rights of all American citizens and consequently his fair and unbiased judgement regarding this fundamental right.”

Sessions, however, denies he is racist and in 2013 denied that minorities in the South were “being denied the vote because of the color of their skin.” ~ authored by Code Black

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

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