Monday, February 20, 2017

The High Math!

Time for some Ballerina Elegance with Alexa. 
Alexa poised in manner of ballerina.
December 22, 2015

One man understanding her opened legs blurted out, "Que sabrosa se ve ésa panocha!" It means, "That looks tasty. That Pussy!" Was he deplorable or judged against an impossible standard as wrong? These are some of the questions a man is faced with and has to answer, or not answer and contend with consequences of action and thought. Faced with the most trying temptations our strengths come into the middle of the equations sexual energies pull a man to be face to face with a vixen. Failing is always a possibility. Not trying to be honest when the loins are afire and one's manhood is hard is too much exposure to the vulnerability of need. She can see it. She is studying you asking herself questions you should be ready for: "Will I be safe with him?' "What will he do with me if I decide to give myself to him, or just some pussy?"

So, a question is: is there a right or wrong here?

- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

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