Sunday, February 26, 2017

Men's thoughts evoked by her...

Jordan Carver the morning of February 21, 2016 as poetry ...

Dear Woman,
Sometimes you’ll just be too much woman.
Too smart,
Too beautiful,
Too strong....
Too much of something that makes a man feel like less of a man,
Which will make you feel like you have to be less of a woman.
The biggest mistake you can make
Is removing jewels from your crown
To make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens, I need you to understand
You do not need a smaller crown 👑
You need a man with bigger hands. #quoteoftheday

Jordan Carver on the morning of

Victor Kingsley If they feel less of a man for a woman being a woman, then they are not a man. Ladies be the way you want, it does not bother me, I am secure in my manhood.

Leonardo Arias Remember too much pride can break hearts even your own. By all means don't settle for someone who is not at your level. You will know when you're with the right man.

David Hartley It's true, that you, women, are beautiful in all the ways that man is not. You are glamorous and stunning while he is humble and hard working. Two sides of the same coin....the real question is not if he is man enough for you but rather can you love him for all of things he is not and find value in the everyday and mundane tasks that allows your spirit to run free?

Jesus David Garcia Villada Not want to be imprudent, but do not tell me you're there after a great performance... But really I do not understand what your point. Sometimes you'll just be too much woman...? I understand, you are besutiful, yes; is you strong, yes. But?

Darrell Mennie as they say, Only boys have fear of a woman with self confidence and power, Men will help rise them up higher.

Steve Romisher That's right, women love confident, secure loyal men who are centered, and can handle a woman at their worst and at their best, and be their rock, never change who you are for anyone as long as you know you're doing right by your mate, and yourself. (Feb. 21, 2016)


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