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"Maori warrior stance says, summon your awesome dread, immerse yourself in the Spirit of Ancients, align with your life force, well of being you came forth as aliveness to experience itself"...-Mereana Taki

Maori woman powerful in the movement of her stillness !!!!

Adruma Victoria is a powerful man. I know him. I know his spirit. So recently he set a challenge to thought and belief to a group of men of the cloth, ministers and pastors, with these words: "I want to be involved with humanity as a woman. That's all I ever wanted. Why deny Me that? I wanted to love as a woman, and be loved as a woman. I wanted Eve to be there for Me, and I wanted to be there for her. I wanted to walk in her shoes, but not with that dickhead belonging to Lucifer. The response of men and the angels, it was unconscionable." and signed it with Mother God.

First respondent, said, Kijana WaMzee Chege "What am I reading here?"

"God is both Father and Mother of Creation, Adruma replied. "You are hearing from Mother God, she has a lot to say. This is just the beginning." He turned slightly to see Kijana more face to face and continued saying, "Human history has treated God as if She was NO MOTHER, not even a beggar woman with 16 children. No woman was qualified to represent God. Even the best of women only fell into the category of sage, saint or esteemed person. Why?

Men build their stren
gth on the foundation of God being masculine. In the salvation of Christ they did not give second thought to the just and true Feminine Characteristics of God. They expected Christ to redeem them, but to whom? To the Father. But in fact, the thought of redemption must be to both parents, for neither the mother nor the father want to be apart, in heart, from their beloved children."

Kijana balked. "Yours is not Biblical, So it is not my religion. I don't subscribe to mother god. Sorry I won't buy it."

I sat upright. "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, Kijana! Go deep into your religion. Adruma is plunging you with his words, and men into the perspective of God, not as man, but the female side of Creation. Christianity has roots in the mysticism of Jewish mystery teachings and even those teachings before the written word that is fundamental to the three blood religions. If it wasn't written on parchment it was in the heavens, and upon the ground. You see, we are taught to understand God through the volumes of sacred text that is masculine. When the cultures and civilizations ascribed to the Goddess, or both God and the Goddess history recorded less wars.

Let us look honestly and deep into the progenitor texts. How we receive the feminine tells the true story of our manhood!"

There was a long silence. Kijana did not speak so we left well enough alone.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Feb. 16, 2017

Marisol Baez Long, healer visited DC July 2016 with the Peace & Dignity Run. Here she is on the Maryland side of the Potomac River facing Virginia.

Mdewakanton Sioux, Ka-ka-kel, Little Crow was a chief who lead his people
in the Great Sioux Uprising in Minnesota, 1892.

I am not knowledgeable about traditional clothes, but is Little Crow wearing a white woman's dress of the period, and if so was it possible it was part of his war Medicine, or was he of two-souls?" - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories Feb. 16, 2017

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