Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tribute to a Black Indian woman

Rosa Parks born February 4, 1913.

"In the 1990's, Parks shocked black-nationalist lawyer Chokwe Lumumba when she told him that her hero was Malcolm X. Lumumba had assumed that her work and close personal relationship with King meant that he would be her personal inspiration. No, she clarified, she had certainly loved and admired King greatly, but Malcolm's... boldness and clarity, his affirmation of what needed to be done for black people, made him her champion. Parks saw no contradiction in her deep admiration for both King and Malcolm X. Describing Malcolm "as a very brilliant man."... "Full of conviction and pride in his race, "she noted, Malcolm X reminded Mrs. Parks of her own grandfather: "The way he stood up and voiced himself showed that he was a man to be respected."

- excerpt from The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks, authored by Jeanne Theoharis

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