Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sophia LOREN and other challenges for Black Men.

Sophia Loren in a striking pose as Cleopatra.

As repulsed and angry at the insistence of white people that African stories, historical references, Hebrew customs, and traditions, and Egyptian culture and high sophistication was white it took me but a pause to study why and know that psychologically whites aren't prepared for the truth or exposure outside the myths they created to cover the evil they'd done.

Hedy Lamarr, who played Delilah in the mid-20th century version of Sampson, and Sophia Loren in a period piece made me to set aside my aversion to white indoctrination until they went off screen, or I laid the picture down on the coffee table. Those two were so profoundly beauty and the awe they consistently got as a reaction from them was breathtaking. Anything that takes the breath away requires time to recirculate the system of breath that believes in living. Restorative properties of beauty meet legendary proportions a few times in each man's lifetime. We remember them trying to open the reasons why.

Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

The Epitome of Perfection Part 8

Some breathless moments for me began with the sight or the recollection of Sophia Loren, or perhaps her presence challenged the very notion of Italian women's supremacy over other European women. It didn't. Did it detangle the story that accompanies white women worldwide wherever they go that they are the ideal ? No. It did not.

For an Indian, as I am; Sophia Loren, I could not judge harshly because she supplied the weight to the feeling of deep beauty transcending a social order and the social norm. It was just a refreshing time hearing her voice, listening to her talk, looking at her imaging you were with her, could be with her, and were acknowledged by her.

Of course at the height of her beauty (that's inaccurate her beauty did not wane), and her career it was dangerous for Colored people to express or worse exhibit gushing or even casual desire for any white woman. A 'member' (what Negroes used to called themselves and each other away from white folks) could get killed by a white woman in degrees. Black men, in the public eye, need to examine this, and their occupation with beautiful white women amongst themselves preferably because an assembly of like-minded individuals brings clarity solitude can't and won't because one person needs the other person. If being a separate entity unto one's self does not help a man trapped in the child support system, and that threatens his freedom, why resort to it during the period of examination crucial to your development, and later initiation rites?  That is a helluva a leap, but it isn't. The subjects are related. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Jan. 4, 2014

Mystique is important to employ. More than a defense it is a glory, a substance of things hoped for, a manifestation of things worked on. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 1.4.17

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