Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dialogue between Three Men.

Negro men in Lincoln, Nebraska. Historic photographs of black Lincolnites in the early 1900s


"How do we get our young people back into churches, studying their bibles, fearing god, these are the traits we had in the 20s, family values, pride and dignity is what these young men demonstrates. We need Christ in our lives." is a question to start an examination. - Charles Cole

Simple answer: make church relevant. The more complex answer: the church is not an African centered focused spiritual base. The Christianity today, as it has long been, denies it is an African religion and adjusts itself to convert under the auspices of this edict: "Britain for the world!" Remember that spirit from our collective histories?

Another unappealing thing about the Black church is the lack of power, and the timidity of manhood the Church exhibits. Young Black boys, and men are sensitive to the lack of power they are born into and incapable of becoming powerful within themselves ask why church is important with its timidity, its weakness and lack of real power white people can respect?


Another approach to Black American culture as expressed is to be weighed:

"I am always impressed when my wife and I go to the Cracker Barrell on Sunday morning for breakfast. There always groups of Black men and Women dressed to the nines coming from church. Never see anyone else dressed this way. There are examples to follow, they are out there, why we all do not follow them is just unclear." - Bill Butler 

A recollection: My wife and I enjoy the same spectacle at Cracker Barrels.

In answer to your question I propose that the sense of self and identity has changed. Why, has to do with many things, chief of which is the self-esteem at present is not as high as one in the early years of the last century would have dreamed as the future for Colored folks. Second, I believe being casual at breakfast for older Christians of the darker hue is not fully accepted. Doesn't matter how white Christians push it some things are special to the African within Colored folks...

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Jan. 4, 2017

Black men in the 1920's with their stories to tell.

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