Thursday, February 2, 2017

Black WOMEN WE Need

Tremendous support comes from the presence of our women.

Tremendous support comes from the presence of our women. The kind without words expressed any number of ways it simply feels good to look at Black women smiling or not. It gives a Black man a place in the world to point to and say she is of me. There was a dark time in my life. I simply called it my 'Dark Time' it was so bad for me. There was a lot of loss preparing me for gain. I knew the gain would come. I doubted it at times, but that is the nature of struggle, of rebirth, of being human and being vulnerable to the harshness of life.

There was tense trouble in my soul. Losing the lives of children can harden a father, or a father can loosen his grip on the cord of life and the feel of life leaving the body is a daily event distressing because at some point its momentum cannot be stopped it seems. Desperate to find a way to stop the leak I realized I wasn't suicidal. Suicide is fundamentally composed of self-pity. I was looking for something intangible hard to define, but easy to keep. There was something else I noticed that slowed the leakage more powerful than dying from this world. The presence of Black American women!

One day my wandering lead me to the Addison Road metro station here in Prince George's county Maryland. That subway station, and there are others, in the morning has a high volume of Black professional women, ordinary women, mothers, workers going to work during rush hour. Rush hour is a four hour period ending at 9:30 AM Monday through Friday. The power of the energies they carried and released into the atmosphere, and into the tenement of my challenged core structures was pliable, potent, stirring, strong and so deliberate the way in waves it moved in my body thrusting aside what should not have been there to the side, or toppled over into the waters of their essence. All this in the etheric worlds occurred in their presence unbeknownst to them, but to me they restored my life each day I stood and watched them go by.

One day, my close friend Julia saw me there and thought I was looking at the women for pleasure, or punany. She is Jamaican. She is from whom I learned the word punany or pumpum from her patois. I tried explaining what I just explained to you to her. At first, she scoffed. But, knowing me so well she realized she had the same effect upon me, within me also, and the conversation changed. She started speaking words into my life and she touched me with her hand before she left and asked me to look in her eyes without words. I looked. She loved my soul, and knew who I was. There was no battle to be fought. No competition. There was just her presence content to know who my authentic self is, and being responsible as a woman, as a friend Julia blessed me.

This is how I've understood women to be from birth to now. It isn't this way in the world-at-large, but it is closer to the design of numerous creation stories around the world that govern people's daily lives leading them into and out of dark places to better states of being, of mind. When women find their place men's worlds change by choice or demand.


These are my words.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Feb. 2, 2017

Glorious display of womanhood!

"A glorious display of womanhood! That essence can easily be missed by a lowered ideal of a man looking for something else to dwell upon. Mystique, once developed purposely by Negro women in days past, isn't properly tutored today. There simply are not enough ladies for young women to emulate, or at best be schooled in the fine art..." ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Feb. 2, 2017

Powerful Black woman don't need the symbol of white men's power to be powerful. The proper etiquette is for men to come to her for strength. That is purpose of ideals: to point back to the truths that held civilizations ancient to the present together..." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories Feb. 2, 2017

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