Thursday, February 2, 2017

Commentary on Value.

the Black man, a paradox to white women and white America.  
artist unknown. I apologize. Fundamentally, it is important to acknowledge people, but it is not the courtesy of the culture and mindset of the day enamored of a new technology profoundly indifferent to its own inherent danger to soul. Each day sinks a hole into the chasm between what is within people that needs to share, connect and be intimate soul to soul with other souls. Buoyant by fears from a past many are intellectually clueless about the American people of this era clasp onto what they believe is new technology. It is not new. The arrogance of the assertion is connected to the white men who destroyed the library of Alexandria, Egypt, and later the act of Napoleon with cannon fire destroying the nose of the Sphinx.

Is this a riddle?

Yes, this is a riddle. It is a riddle of existence.

- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Summer shorts popular in the summer of 1956 worn
by Regina Mode (Dutch).

the Black woman, a paradox.

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