Friday, February 3, 2017

Letter to souls.

the exceptional amongst Black American women. photo from Ecstasy Model. (October 2016)

Thick chocolate women are the buffer between the insanity of envious white women &
the ideal set forth in ancient times in the Land of the Blacks.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Stories here to sustain us in life.

Coming from our women stories are moist, from men they are dampened by their women's lives beginning in the birth place we all come from: the womb. Our mothers know our story from where they began in conception. In death, our life paths are probably clearer without the Tricksters swirling about our heads in thought too much consumed and concerned about survival.

Fundadelic's song, "Cosmic Slop", has a chorus saying, "I can hear my mother's call..." in the midst of all their funk, the heavy bass line and the fat of the chords, and the heart pounding of the kick drum of men 'gitin' down jus' for the funk of it!" Within all the boast of power, the menace of manhood, and the high, dirty git down of unguarded sexual energy the '70's band put out they could not help but reach out to the mother within women, within themselves keeping them alive! This all from the waters, the ocean, the lakes, the womb, the menstrual cycles.

You see, all men have this knowing within their body of thought, and progress or defamation of character. How women succumb to their base desires or arise to the high point of who they are in their core determines outcome, and often a backlash from the predator and the conservative elements of religion, government and politics. It is tricky being grown hearing our mother's calls.

We are responsible for so much.

Gregory E. Woods,
(Dawn Wolf), Keeper of Stories
November 02, 2016

Ocean water stirring behind Kingkesia in a photo by Jamie Blak.

Colors of the women of the darker hue.

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