Sunday, April 16, 2017

Father dreaming...

Father, the protective force . . .

When I see our children dancing something inside of me moves, as I remember how blessed we are today because at one point it was forbidden to dance or make ceremonies in public. We dance and pray to bring the people together and to uplift our spirits and honor those who walked before us in the dream of the living, we will dance forever on this land we call our mother. It's in our blood. - Gianni Crow (April 9, 2017)   

Boy dancing for the People.

"When I was a kid my grandfather asked me this; if you can be anybody today who would you be? A superhero I replayed. He smiled and said, let your superpower always be kindness than." ~ Gianni Crow  

Cooking on old stone

When I was a child I use to wake up to the smell of coffee my grandmother use to make in the adobe kitchen, she was seating by the fire cooking corn tortillas...the fire would dance under the pan made of clay, the wood would crackled as she would sing her songs. She use to tell me: "grandson foods are the medicine for our bodies so it should always be treated with respect for all things are sacred." -Gianni Crow

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