Monday, April 24, 2017

Feel Free

Juno Brown free as a bird. (2013 August)

Just as much, and perhaps more difficulty goes into learning balance in an asana as is difficulty to master one's spirit and gain freedom from within. How these two concepts work corresponds with whether and if a person knows themselves, or wants to know!

Another way to say this is: "Just as much, and perhaps more goes into learning to balance in an asana as it is to be free from within."

Balance and mastery are relatives. Freedom comes from somewhere bondage begins. Freedom is not only a goal it is a study of why one is bound in either body or mind, spirit or emotion. Perhaps all those elements are in place to be enslaved, but being free of a master we can see, and what is within us recalls the lack of a balanced scope to view one's truth courageously? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.16.16

Jennifer Hines on a trip with Learning Center in Florida
May 2015 with an alligator.


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