Sunday, April 2, 2017

To Think About

Mr. Todd, a timeless quality you captured between eras that speaks very well about yesterday and today for the way Black men had to live and can now chose to live. It is all up to their concept of freedom and the depth of their commitment to unravel the contradictions of freedom. . . - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4.11.16

black photographer Derrel Todd captured timeless image of Damon Fleming
for Fott Print Fotos (2016)

Matthew Alexander Henson, first Black Arctic explorer was explorer, Robert Peary's first mate over a 20 year period to the various places around the globe...

Matthew Alexander Henson was the first Black Arctic explorer. He was Robert Peary's first mate on their expeditions. He spent 18 years on expedition with Peary as his navigator and craftsman. He traded with the Inuit tribe and even learned their language. He is credited with being the first man to reach the Geographic North Pole (although many people dispute this). He is ...the first Black man to be accepted into the Explorers Club because of his achievements while exploring the Arctic. He was taken in by a sailor as a child where he learned to read, write, and navigate the sea. He went to many countries. He was working at a clothing store in Washington, DC in 1887 when he met Robert Peary. Peary heard of his skills as a navigator and took him on an expedition to Nicaragua. Henson became Peary's first mate after impressing him with his skills as a navigator. They then set out to explore the Arctic for more than 20 years. Henson is the only non-Inuit man to master driving and training dog sled teams using Inuit techniques. ~ anon


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