Monday, April 10, 2017

ART to Body.

body art of a brown sista, Candice Shields.

Myself in a sentence: I am a bubbly, athletic goofball with a heart of gold.

Occupation: sales

Hometown: Tampa, FL

The design and themes of my tattoos: I love tribal tattoos, so my tribal piece is quite extensive. I like tattoos that flow with the curves of my body and are powerful.

More specifics about my tattoo: I tend to get tattoos when something significant happens in my life. Therefore, maybe of my pieces are done for therapy and closure.

My favorite tattoo and the story behind it: My first tattoo is of an orange cancer ribbon with a princess crown on top. My sister Alexis (Lexi) is a cancer survivor. I am blessed to be able to support my sister and childhood cancer with this piece .

My next tattoo: My next tattoo is a tribal piece which means family.

Candice Shields' body art.

superb body art of Jessiele Nguyen.

Myself in a sentence: I'm just an awkwardly clumsy yet coy sexy college grad trying to make it in the modeling world while staying true to myself.

Occupation: Behavioral Modification Specialist

Hometown: Sacramento

The design and themes of my tattoos: I am an emotional person, all my tattoos have meaning and give a story of how I felt during that time of my life... I design my own tattoos, wrote all my own quotes and poems etc....wit the exception of one.

More specifics about my tattoo: My tattoos range from demonic and dark to pretty and light. Very eclectic, just like me.

My favorite tattoo and the story behind it: My favorite tattoo is the poem on my right shoulder. I wrote it when I was 17 on the 5th anniversary of my mother's passing. Poetry and art are outlets for me, I write in times I feel close to self destruction. The poem is about me waiting in a field for a Lillie to bloom....but it never does. That was my mother's name.

My next tattoo: A witch doing a séance on a Quiji board with two grim reapers behind her.

Jessiele Nguyen's body as art.

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