Monday, April 10, 2017


Water embraces all of Life...

Water embraces all of Life. White men not understanding this come from within their bowels as if it is their right to regard the waters of their mother's wombs as property! Therein lies the debate. Therein lies the conflict of humankind. This bewilders logic, has always disrespected the sensibilities of indigenous peoples, and in modern times protestors are baffled because they do not understand the white people the way we Natives and Africans have been forced to understand them.

If there is to be salvation for the white people it won't come from Jesus. It will come from the people they enslaved, and those they took from. We know things. We have the ceremonies, the teachings, the rituals of restoration, recapitulation, and know the formulas for retrieving their souls, and our deep shamans and healers know soul sickness when they see it.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Feb. 10, 2017

Grace Zabriskie as Old Crone.

exquisite beauty of Elizabeth J. Carlisle. It is certain she is a Goddess!
'C'est certain , une Déesse'!  

C'est vrai! Une Déesse'! But, what does that mean in modern context in the light of what are women's progressive movements? Divinity is not a source of conversation, nor fought for by the majority of Western women. Being sacred is too foreign of a state of being. It is recognized by people's spirit, but the process to become a Sacred Woman is not asked for, needed but not requested under the banner of the Women's Movement.

It is too bad this loss of identity. This loss is a loss because it is women's power I am talking about!

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Feb. 10, 2017

Arazel N. Thalez as a mythical creature from our collective past. . .

"What a powerful and somehow incomprehensible show of concepts, myth, and creation stories intertwined within a subconscious world where myth, archetypes, and creation stories abide with the misconceptions modern life replaces magic with sin and lowered expectations from the fears that drive lifestyles, fashion, and making a living takes over as a child becomes an adult without initiations..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories October 14, 2015

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