Saturday, April 8, 2017


Taris Khepera HetHeru Afi  wrote: "All i can say is "POWERFUL!!!," as this speaks volumes to the potency of one's true authenticity.

A man standing powerful ready to rule nations, who pushed past the foggy bull shit we know as politics and social drama of the old system, a man who has
tapped into the essence of his creative power is a man I DESIRE to attract in the realm of my creation. I DESIRE to be surrounded ONLY by men of this upright stature, who have realized their very own essence.

I DESIRE to build nations with a Man resonating on this High Vibration of Self Love. It is My DESIRE to nurture & cherish souls that manifest great power by recognition of Self as a positive focus to flow my eternal love to.

And So it is... I Am so Thankful for this Inspiration that just gave birth to New Powerfilled Desires. I Am So Thankful for having already received the Heart of my desires. I RECIEVE, I RECIEVE, I RECIEVE!!!! And so it is Done. Asade!!!, Ase Yoooo ."

Asti LaChae Phea  responded saying, "Beautiful vision Sistar. You've wonderfully articulate a powerful desire of many SiStars. Asé!"

"Thanks. Lol." Taris responded, "Got to be specific with our manifestation power. The universe yeilds to those who are clear in their desires."

Powerful Man

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