Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Body of Art

Art of her Body. FRONT magazine model
 December 20, 2015 

The Art of her Expression without words responses to touch the way canvas art cannot. It is an equal reaction touch because touch goes out to be hopefully received. It is an exchange. Truth, and honest art are exchanges between worlds with thoughts, sensations, memories and words from within.
Silence is the expressed form of response in the divinity of the moment. Touching art is the art. Touching a soul is the touch to open the vulnerabilities up to see where and how they fit in the metropolis of our every day.
Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
May 13, 2016

"Art of Symbols is the retelling of old powers old because they are, significant because they shape our lives. The ancient symbols exist within ourselves, and live whether we recognize them or not..." - Gregory E. Woods (Dawn Wolf), Keeper of Stories 5.13.16

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