Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dark red of Murder in Life

Men dying for murders they are about to commit, have committed and men dying for association with bloody gangs or killing women and children for political causes are not the men of lore that are in the Dream of Life, as any holy book depicted, or are they? How did we dream of men killing as sport, or vengeance, or from a moral code for national security in what is called pre-emptive strikes?  How does a son take up the cause to teach his son to murder with aplomb?

This is daily life in the world. How is it possible a woman's pussy, her love and her capacity for love and sacredness are not enough to stave off the murderous tendencies within men immune to these influences? What grip should a woman have upon her man? These two questions lead up to one powerful examination in the form of a question: "How powerful was sex designed to be a part of women's genitalia?"  

How is it possible sex has no power to soften the heart of stone in a murderer? Perhaps, it is possible for a simple reason: men are not taught about the Sacred from the sacred places emerging from the wisdom Elders come from, or the wombs they seek! This discovery leads to the deeper questions.

If God made man could it be possible Goddess made woman and God took credit for it? If so, did that cause friction between them, or unite them in further development of the study of balance? If balance is not a virtue, or a possibility introduced into the thought life of children does it lead to lack, or insensitivity not knowing how the structure of balance can come about in Life, or emerge from their own inner life? If children don't know how to resist, or better yet fight to maintain their innocence are they guilty of anything if the men they know turn them into killers? If innocence isn't valued how can crudeness stave off the coldness of heart a murderer needs to develop to survive in neighborhoods, families and countries like the U.S. that subsist upon this dark spirit?

These are legitimate questions the higher intellect can ignore, or address, but these are questions of the heart for man's spirit to answer. Unfortunately, for the next victims these questions are not taken seriously enough in a country whose cultural heritage is red with blood and no remorse. Blood shed by murderers has the voices of our ancestors to make this line of questioning thought more poignant. If those voices cannot be heard, or are discounted do they insist on being heard, and does their insistence make them heard in other ways? If so, how and should those voices be weighed and added to the discussions centered around herding the darkness of murder into the Sacred Circles for transformation?  - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/2/16

FRONT magazine

body art of FRONT magazine model, Amandda Justyne (exceptional) 2016


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