Monday, April 10, 2017

Give Her A Gun!

looking up. Jessica Dawn‎.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Vetoes Bills Allowing Domestic Violence Victims To Defend Themselves


Looking into the eyes of Erin Nicole Eley

"Looking into the perspective of a woman deeply engrossed in the dynamics of a brutal relationship is outside of what I understand about strength, and marriage and the coming together of man and woman. Understanding that dynamic alone separate without the parts that give whole understanding to it, as well as providing a gun to an abused woman with a restraining order is a shallow approach to a complex problem. There is a lost logic there hidden amongst the tall grass of those emotions she must be experiencing. Fear has to be an overriding emotion she must have harbored and justified over the years of her relationship, and according to the stories, and talk show guests on the subject fears manifest in different ways, mostly clouding judgment. So, why put a gun into the hand of a woman who hasn't a warrior code a man would respect?

In the aftermath of an escape with children, in most cases, a gun doesn't have the logic of impeccability a warrior needs. A slave, a beaten woman and an abused child share an irrationality a gun will not restore and they are without the discipline a warrior needs in battles from within (jihad), and with enemies without and should not have the power to take life with a gun, if they do not know the basics of taking life without one.

In battle escape is the best defense, if a superior force shows no signs of giving peace, or restoration of soul, mind or body and hiding to gain strength is the wisdom of a beaten animal in the wild.

So, apparently the average woman who escapes an abusive man is unprotected by any man. If there are no men in her life to protect her why should she trust that government men and men from the NRA are looking out for her best interests giving her a gun to protect herself after she went through hell to leave a dangerous man? There are self-serving motives in action in this legislation, if you follow the logic of conservatism, and conservative Christianity's thought processes that often engineer the thinking of mean and abusive wife beaters! If there isn't thought given to the other aspects of the issue then ask law makers why not?" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/5/17  

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