Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ah, the Good ol' days!

Mirror. A Girl With No Face.

Ok let's be honest now. The presidency of 46-1 will be considered a success by conservatives because it will achieve it's real and primary purpose--the symbolic... re-ensconcing of a white male in the strongest political position on earth. The building of the wall is immaterial. The return of industrial jobs to the mid-west is inconsequential. The greatest accomplishment will be the return of a white man to the office after a black man politically, culturally, administratively and even stylistically knocked the ball out of the park. This had to be done. And it had to be done not by any white male--not a liberal, not a conservative. It had to be done by an in-your-face, power-hungry, condescending billionaire who lives a privileged life, demands a privileged life, and makes taxpayers support his privileged life. This was necessary to his main voting base, that class of white males who suffer from "aggrieved entitlement."

But remember as well that white ladies across all educational strata voted for 46-1, rather than vote for another white female, manifesting the greatest case of Stockholm Syndrome witnessed in human history. The greatest accomplishment for the unemployed white blue collar worker is that he can vicariously live through 46-1.

As for me, I continue to resist. I personally cannot stomach a billionaire who doesn't contribute 1 red cent to the Easter Egg Roll on the White House Lawn, allowing it to come up short of eggs. Even at my little church in Palo Alto the parents made sure everyone got some eggs, taught the fast kids who were hoarding eggs to share with others, and low-and-behold, fashioned some of the plastic eggs to contain money. I hear one kid left with forty bucks! (I wish I were a kid again!) The billionaire who said he would rebuild the inner cities and would bring in the best people to his administration couldn't even stage a social event for DC area kids at the White House. Ok, we know next year it will get done.

But this year we saw the truth--the true absence of the man's heart, and the disconnection of his family from the families of Washington and the nation. If he really cared, even if the government had messed it up, he would have philanthropically donated the eggs himself. But this person is incapable of giving his money to anything that doesn't benefit him directly...he only staged the donation of $77K of his presidential salary to the Dept. of the Interior, while we pay $3 million in taxes each week to send him golfing at his resort in Florida. It's all obscene, really. But the fact that conservatives are not concerned with this waste of federal tax dollars on one white guy is telling. It tells us that 46-1 is a success to them. As the perfect model of white power and privilege, he is achieving their purpose very well, thank you.

April 18, 2017

Kathleen Burke, Grace Bradley, Lona Andre and Mari Colman ride bikes, with mallets.

“POLO-A-LA-MODE….Hollywood is indulging in a new form of the old game. Bicycle polo has been inaugurated by this team consisting of Kathleen Burke, Grace Bradley, Lona Andre and and Mari Colman at the Paramount Studios.” – May 18, 1933

Ann Sheridan, Kathleen Burke, Grace Bradley and Frances Drake taking some target practice, 1935.  

Nostalgia has hues. Whites view themselves in an historical context as the pureness of white. Black Africans see the red blood spilled by whites, and gold as the resource they dug into the earth for, and green and brown as the colors of the Land of the Blacks. And the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, to make a good observation, see red, white and blue as a never ending nightmare. Red is the blood shed by the white people to take our lands and blue is the vastness, not of the sky, but the enormity of the lies the whites told, and tell. Green is the color of the land they cannot see as mother; blue the nature of creation they neither respect, nor believe is sacred. 

When we all look back on times past we of the darker hue do not lie to ourselves. Whites do and often. 

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
April 18, 2017

Misty Copeland, a principled dancer of note.

Misty Copeland achieved her goal of being named the first black principal with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in June, but her ambitions extend beyond that. She mentors young dancers at the company and works with its Project PliƩ, which aims to increase ethnic and racial diversity in ballet. "It's not just a case of helping young people to believe that ballet is open to them. It's also about getting organizations to understand how to work with different communities." - anon

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