Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Walk In My Father's Footsteps.

Grandfather-Teacher, Gregory, with a little boy at a park in Bowie, MD
during our annual Men's Retreat in March of 2017.

This little boy captivated us all! His mother, herself, was captivating in her spirit as mother, who knew ancient ways of being a mother, a woman, and later a wife, we discovered when her husband arrived! There is the way of teaching a child beyond instruction. This little boys' mother understood the flow of circles and used them developing her son in a simultaneous series of emotions and movements that led her son here and there; within and without. These ways of being infuse boys' spirits with power during the play of being little... - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/4/17

Great Grandfather Samuel Issac Montgomery Adair (Pops, as I knew him) 1882-1962.
"This was my Grandfather Teacher. Pops is the one who taught me the Indian way, the Red Road, and other things related to being Crow. In essence I became what he awakened, and how my ancestors manifested in my life came from this relationship soon after I was born..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories  

It is a responsibility: intelligence and knowledge. What do we do with what we know? Is it, our place in society, different from who we are; and also what is the context of why we, Grandfather Teachers, have to give into the spirits of the young? These are heavy things made light by the obligations of our training... - Gregory E. Woods Keeper of Stories 4/4/17

Grandfather-Teacher, I AM. What a powerful role and responsibility. March 2017.

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